• Regarding The group in general
  • From an Associate member “"Playing in any musical ensemble is a glorious act of community, giving people from all walks of life the opportunity to join together and enjoy creating something together. Speaking personally, I value the interaction with like-minded people, sharing an enthusiasm for making music.”

    From members:
    Being in the BWA gives me “..the opportunity to learn and play an instrument in a fun and constructive environment. To make new friendships with people of different backgrounds and musical experiences. Then the opportunity to share this with a local and international communities to enhance an activity, raise funds and encourage interest in different sizes of flutes from piccolo to a contrabass.
    That's what the ensemble means to me “

    “Being part of BWAFE is now a huge part of my life. Having not played my flute in over 15 years, I've been able to relearn old skills and learn lots of new ones, all the while making some fantastic new friends. Some of our best times are when we play together as part of local community events. It's a lovely way to give back, and the fantastic feedback we get from local residents shows it's appreciated!”
    “Until I joined BWAFE I only played the flute for my own amusement and occasionally with our church music group. Discovering that Bedfordshire has a friendly and welcoming community flute ensemble which provides playing opportunities for flautists of all abilities has inspired me to take the instrument far more seriously. "


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